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Welcome to the Dengate website, which was first launched in April 2002. It is now undergoing a much-needed overhaul, so please bear with any broken links and blank pages! In particular, the upgrade to the 'Family Tree' pages have required me to start from scratch, so this will be a slow process of being updated. So, if you can't locate yourself / your Dengate ancestor they will hopefully be appearing shortly! Once completed, however, new additions to the tree will much simpler.

In 2005 I registered the Dengate and Dungate names with the Guild of One-Name Studies in an effort to extend the research further and to offer the findings to a greater number of people. The study was also registered with The Surname Society in 2019.

If you are new to this website then I would suggest using the links above to navigate your way around.  Below you will find brief explanations of what you will find on each page.

History - This page has details of the potential origins of the Dengate / Dungate families and how the family name has spread across the globe.  This part of the website will be added to in the coming weeks to include maps and further information on statistics and distribution.

Family Trees - This section incorporates all the major trees (Wittersham Tree, Ticehurst tree and Rye tree and in time will also include Dungate trees.

People - this page provides details of individuals where I have extra information / photographs / stories / videos beyond the basic genealogical information.

Places & Events - this page features some of the locations associated with the Dengate / Dungate families, such as villages or towns where many of the family lived, or churches they attended, business they ran, etc. Also on this page are significant events featuring members of the family.

DNA Project - This page offers information on the Dengate / Dungate DNA project which has been running since 2006.  Several Dengate males have been tested against several Dungate males with the result that the two families have a definite link in the past.

Copyright - Please read this page carefully before attempting to remove any material from this website.  This is very important as some of the information, photographs, etc are held by third parties.

I hope you enjoy looking around the website.  If you have any comments to make about the website or any questions about the family then please email me.  I would also welcome any new information, photographs, etc -


Nathan Dylan Goodwin BA MA

If you would like to make a donation towards the running of this website and ongoing research into the Dengate / Dungate families, it would be most welcome! Donations would be put towards the cost of furthering research into the family via the purchasing of birth / marriage / death certificates, wills, DNA tests and for the maintenance of this website.


I must say a big thank you to everybody who has contributed to the site in various ways, without whom this website would be extremely dull:

The late Dora Chandler, the late Joan Cecile Rider, Christopher Rider, the late Norman and Joyce Dengate, the late Sheila M. Hill, the late Elsie Dorothy Glazier, Annemarie McCabe, the late Eveline and the late Stan Edwards, the late Maisie Irene Pocock, the late Daphne Dengate, Robin Dengate, Helen Dabson, Jane and the late Denis Goodwin, the late Gordon and Sheila Dengate, the late Marjorie Wenham, Moira Bertrand, Michelle Ricard-Mahoney, Mary-Jo Harper, Merle Dengate, Albert Nye, Ronald Sperry, Pat and Bob Ove, Mary Ann Zimmerman, the late Mary Simpson Balkavich, Linda Vousden, the late Christina Brown, Gwen Gill, Joyce and Charles Phillips, the late Maurice Addy, Bernard Kertland, Norman Underdown, Gordon Ditcher, the late Brenda Glazier, Laura Moore, Anne Addy, Stephanie Tagg, the late Kathleen Mary Croft, Leslie J. Dengate, Ernest Lionel Sellens, Heather Andrews, Ruth McLeod, Geraldine Sellens, Carolyn Sellens, Rae and David Sellens, Ethel Webb, Betty Woodward, Tony Dengate, the late Derek Dengate, John Dines, Ann Beaumont, Maureen Lindsay, Don Clark, Bill Bryson, Christopher Pursglove, Angela Spicer, Edna Clark, Maureen Jury, Steve Barnes, Susan Robitaille, Chris Spray, Anne Felicity Dengate, Ronald Louis Dengate, Patrick Dengate, Tim Gains, James A. Dengate, David Padgham, Tony Orsbourne, Ivy Cooper, Tim Dengate, Derek Mattingly, Daisy Leach, David Gibbon, Dr. Roger Simmons, the late Eric Simmons, Denis Ward, Margaret Simmons, the late Pat Patterson, Dr. Jane Walmsley, Gillian Copenstake, Brian Dungate MA, John Dengate, Adrian R. Watkins, Margaret Green, Sandy Bowles, Rebecca Booterbaugh, Jan Alexanian, Muneeb Rehman, Adrain Emmitt, Phil Emmitt, Jan Westcott, the late Lionel A. Dengate, Rachel Hunt, Rev. Dick and Irene Dengate, Ken Wenden, Ron Emmitt, Maureen O'Neill, Linda Batetley, Jeff Dent, David Dengate, Colin Dengate, the late Eileen Parish, Carol Dengate, David Dengate, Ron Emiston, Lise Leresche and in particular Robert John Bristow.

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