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Family Trees


This area of the website is currently being overhauled! More Dengate and Dungate trees will be added in due course.

Presently, there are five main D*ngate trees, where a connection on paper cannot (as yet) be established: Wittersham Tree, Ticehurst Tree, Westwell Tree (coming soon), Brighton Tree and Rye Tree.


DNA tests have, however, confirmed that the Wittersham Tree, Westwell Tree, Ticehurst Tree and Brighton Tree are all linked by a common ancestral couple.

The family trees are hosted on a separate site owing to the complexities of maintaining and updating them. Please click the trees above to view and explore them or click here to visit the page (use 'Advanced Search' to locate an individual if you are uncertain to which tree they belong!)

If you have any additional family to add or corrections to make, please get in touch!


*It's almost impossible for a family tree to be 100% complete, but those at 99% are as close to as I can get! Please get in touch if you expected to find someone on a 99% complete tree and didn't. Any tree lower than 99% means that I'm still adding to the file - please come back! 

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