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Dengate Cottage

Wittersham, Kent

Dengate Cottage, Wittersham (immediate right of photo)
Dengate Cottage, 2003

Dengate Cottage

Dengate Cottage is situated on The Street, the main thoroughfare through the small Kentish village of Wittersham. The original owners, who gave this small dwelling its name, have yet to be identified, although one occupant in the mid-1800s was Charles Dengate.

Charles Dengate was a baker by trade and used the front part of the cottage as his bakers shop and the back as his home.

The house still bears the name Dengate Cottage to this day.

The following account was written by Roger Simmons, Charles' great great great grandson:  


One day in the 1890’s, young Celia Simmons got on a train in Dover (alone or not?) and travelled to Romney Marsh, to Appledore, and was met by her great grandfather Charles Dengate with a pony and trap. He greeted her, and took her to his house in Wittersham, on the Isle of Oxley; slightly higher than the rest of the marsh. Behind his cottage was his bakery where he worked daily.  In his cottage he had a grandfather clock made by Ballard of Lamberhurst, which he bought in 1834 when he was only 18.  His photo sits inside his clock, a serious-looking man, but then with their photographic exposure times you did tend to look solemn.

To read the full account, visit Charles Dengate's biography page.

Charles Dengate, occupant of Dengate Cottage
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