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William Standen Dengate


William Standen Dengate

William Standen Dengate was baptised on the 11th April 1847 in St Mary the Virgin Church, Ticehurst, the son of William and Harriet Dengate (nee Standen). William (snr) ran his own hairdressing shop in Ticehurst, an occupation which he inherited from his father, also a William Dengate.

William Standen Dengate is recorded as a 14 year old in the 1861 census, living at home with his parents and siblings. His father and brother, Alfred Dengate, are both listed as hairdressers in Ticehurst. After his brother, Alfred died later in 1861, followed in 1864 by his father, William Standen then took over the hairdressing business alongside his mother, Harriet. The 1871 census listed their occupations as ‘hairdressers and perfumers’. According to William Standen's obituary, the hairdressing business in Ticehurst had been in the Dengate family since 1773.

On 12 October 1876, William Standen Dengate married Caroline Lucy Newton at St Paul’s Church, Camden Square, Pancras. One of the witnesses to the marriage was William Standen’s sister, Lucy Jane Dengate.

William Standen and Caroline Dengate resided in Ticehurst after their marriage and had three children: Edith Lucy, William Percy and Philip Dengate. William continued the family business, running it for himself from 1890 until his retirement in 1913.

William and his family were staunchly Methodist and he played the organ for the Ticehurst Methodist Chapel for over 50 years. He was also Superintendent of the Sunday School for 29 years and for 15 years he was secretary for the church. He also acted as Circuit Education Secretary (for the local Methodist Circuit) and a class leader 23 years.


William died in Ticehurst in 1923, at the age of 76 years, following five years of failing health. After a service in the Methodist Chapel, William was buried in St Mary’s Church.


His wife, Caroline Lucy died in 1929 and was also buried in St Mary’s Church. The couple’s son, William Percy Dengate took over the hairdressing business and, it is believed, moved to the premises shown below.

William Percy Dengate continued his father’s business and also his father’s place at the heart of the Ticehurst community. He worked as clerk to the parish council, Sunday School Superintendent, Day School Manager, British Legion Secretary, Electoral Roll Registrar, Churchwarden and Methodist Preacher. After his death in 1943, a plaque was erected in his memory inside St Mary’ Church, Ticehurst.

Ticehurst Church
A card given out by William Standen and Caroline Lucy Dengate
Dengate Hairdressers & Perfumers, Ticehurst
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Sussex Agricultural Express 05 September 1913

William Percy Dengate
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Sussex Agricultural Express 

22 June 1923

William Standen & Caroline Lucy Dengate's grave, Ticehurst
The inscription reads:

'In memory of

my beloved husband

William Standen Dengate

Died June 17th 1923

Aged 76


At rest waiting the resurrection morning



Caroline Lucy Dengate

widow of the above

Died January 11th 1929

Aged 78


Also to the memory of

William Percy

Elder son of the above and husband of

Beatrice B. Dengate

Died June 30th 1943 aged 64


Loved and remembered'

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