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Descendants of Keith Stuart and Lois Elaine Patterson

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Keith Stuart Patterson

b. 14 March 1925

 bapt. 3 May 1925 Congressional Church, Granby Quebec, Canada


12 February 1949, St. John the Devine Anglican Church, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Lois Elaine Holgate

bapt.  St. John the Devine, Hamilton Ontario, Canada


Carol Elaine Patterson

b. 26 February 1951, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


9 October 1971, Christ Church Anglican, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada   

Lieutenant Commander Thomas Walter Frenzinger II

b. 5 May 1941



11 August 1985

Henry Bruce Herring



2 October 2004

Leon Dale Collins

b. 11 September 1941

David Stuart Patterson

b. 28 October 1952, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


6 June 1975, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Judith Elizabeth Hall

b. 1 July 1953

Douglas Robert Patterson

b. 11 September 1955, London, Ontario, Canada

Gregory Edward Patterson

b. 1 July 1959, North Bay, Ontario, Canada

bapt. Christ Church, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


16 October 1982, Jackson, Mississippi, America

Melinda Madden

b. 15 August 1949




20 January 2006, Birmingham, Alabama, America

Sherry Birtley

b. 23 Nov. 1959

Geoffrey Charles Patterson

b. 9 August 1960, North Bay, Ontario, Canada


12 February 1983, Jackson, Miss., America

Diana Delores Storment


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