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Descendants of Merle Jean and Sue Dengate

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Merle Jean Dengate

b. 10 October 1933, Ellsworth, Kansas, America


24 January 1956

Sue Maehrra

b. Okinawa, Japan


Jo Ann Mitsuko Dengate

b. 21 August 1947


23 December 1969, Laughlin AFB, Texas, America

David Glenn Nielsen

b. 27 July 1949, Potter, Nebraska, America

Linda Etsuko Dengate

b. 20 December 1956


James Heskett



Michael Watson


Michael Jay Dengate

b. 6 April 1966

d. 28 November 1999

bur. Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery, San Antonio, Texas


6 September 1996

Carolyn Smith

Descendants Descendants with James Heskett Died Without Issue

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